Thursday, June 23, 2016

CEHHS Welcomes New Doctoral Students

DEARBORN, MI - On June 22, 2016 the College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS) hosted a welcome orientation for the incoming Fall 2016 cohort of Doctoral Students. This is the 8th cohort admitted to the College.

The goal of the event was to welcome the incoming doctoral students, provide them with an overview of the program, meet and interact with their advisors and other college faculty and have a chance to meet other new students.
Dean Janosky welcomes the newly admitted EdD students
Five newly admitted EdD students came to the orientation and they were welcomed by the Dean of the College, Janine Janosky; and Bonnie Beyer and Chris Burke, directors of the Doctoral Program. During the session, the new EdD students had the chance to interact with four faculty members (Dara Hill, Mesut Duran, Danielle Defaw and Paul Fossum) and staff members from different areas such as Library (Carla Brooks), Enrollment Management (Ryan Rafko), ITS (Laura Shelp), CEHHS Office of Student Success (Joan Otlewski) and a student from Cohort 5 of the EdD Program (Gloria Davis).

Students had the chance to introduce themselves to the group
of faculty and peers. In the photo, Nesreen Najam (left), EdD
student and Bonnie Beyer, EdD program director
 The event was a positive welcome and introduction to the program for the new group of incoming students.  They were able to meet faculty and their peers in the program. The students were very enthusiastic and they all exchanged contact information and have even formed a group text to stay in touch.

With this 8th cohort of students admitted to the program, the total number of admitted students increases to 77. So far, CEHHS has had 16 students who successfully complete the program.

Chris Burke, one of the program directors was grateful for the opportunity to meet with the incoming doctoral students. He said, "They are a highly accomplished diverse group of professionals that will be a vital part of our program. I was excited to see that they were all exchanging contact information so that they could connect with each other over the summer. I believe that they will be a strong and cohesive cohort" 
Chris Burke, EdD program director talking to the group
during the welcome orientation
 The College of Education, Health, and Human Services is pleased to welcome its nine newly admitted EdD students:
Loriann Bell, Michelle Hall, Nayal Maktari, Nesreen Najam, Eric McCloud, Lois Barnes, Alicia Haidair, Megan Papasian-Broadwell, and Susan Sutherland.

The CEHHS family wishes them success in this important step of their careers.

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services’ Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) focuses on development of a high level and advanced proficiency in the education field of study as well as acquisition of research and leadership skills. It aims to produce graduates who can solve practical problems in a specific education-related context. The Ed.D. is ideal for educators who seek new skills and new opportunities for leadership and is designed to meet a critical need in southeastern Michigan for educational leaders who can transform education at the PK-12, community college, and university levels.

For more information, visit the CEHHS Doctoral Program webpage.

Four external grants awarded to CEHHS Faculty

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services is pleased to report that faculty received four external grants. These competitive funding opportunities enhance the College’s mission of strong academics, innovative research, and engaged learning through a metropolitan vision for providing new knowledge and developing leaders in Southeastern Michigan.

The following four projects received funding from external grants:

Leadership Development Program
to Janine Janosky
by Molina Healthcare of Michigan
Description: She received a contract from Molina Healthcare to develop a customized high-quality leadership development training program for Molina employees to aid with ensuring a competitive edge for the healthcare provider.

Improving Teacher Quality
to Karen Thomas-Brown and LaShorage Shaffer
by Michigan Department of Education
Description: They designed the Wayne County Global Geography Project to promote history and geography education in local schools. Districts represented include Detroit, Dearborn, Taylor, Garden City, Livonia, Allen Park, Riverview and more. Teacher participants were recruited through Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA)

Sustaining Momentum that Supports Professional Learning Communities Focused on the Content and Pedagogy of the Common Core and School Improvement Goals
to Kim Killu, Angela Krebs and Roger Verhey
by the Michigan Department of Education and US Department of Education
Description: The project provides professional development to middle and high school mathematics teachers through work on curriculum content development, student evaluation, and collaborative grouping.

Title IIA(3) ImprovingTeacher Quality Grant
to Martha Adler
by Michigan Department of Education
Description: She received the grant to provide professional learning opportunities in language, literacy, and English as a Second language to thirty Dearborn Public School’s teachers

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services congratulates its faculty members for these important achievements.