Monday, March 28, 2016

CEHHS alumni hired as first-year teachers in Michigan

DEARBORN, MI - The College of Education, Health, and Human Services is pleased to announce that 80 alumni were hired as first-year teachers in the Metro-Detroit area in 2015. The image below shows the pattern of new hire data and school locations provided by the Michigan Department of Education.

Other CEHHS alumni have also been successful in finding teaching positions in Southeast Michigan.

Director of Student Teaching, Dr. Martha Adler stated:  "Congratulations to our recent teacher certification graduates who are able to start their careers in local schools! The future is bright for teaching and we are proud to have so many graduates employed." 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UM-Dearborn students practice their creative skills at the DIA mobile interactive exhibit

Students arriving at the DIA Away mobile exhibition
(Photo by: Julie Taylor)
 DEARBORN, MI - The Detroit Institute of Arts, in partnership with the College of Education, Health, and Human Services visited our campus with its new mobile exhibit DIA Away:Think Like an Artist on March 16th, 2016. UM-Dearborn students and their professors enjoyed the interactive stations and the hands-on activities that lined the 53-foot blue expandable trailer. They discovered the different ways that artists think.

CEHHS Associate Professor of Education, Julie Taylor, 
DIA Educator Renee Nixon and Professor Julie Taylor and
during an art integration teaching technique activity
 with Taylor's students. (Photo by: Sarah Tuxbury)
brought to campus this exhibition that started in 2015 and travels the Detroit’s tri-county region to give people access to unique resources outside museum walls.

Dr. Taylor organizes visits to the DIA for students in her EXPS 410: Multiculturalism in School and Society course at UM-Dearborn and the History, Art, and Culture Program at Detroit’s Douglass Academy for Young Men. “DIA Away affords students the opportunity to explore museum resources directly and to think creatively,” said Taylor, who invited the DIA to bring the mobile museum to campus last summer.

Senior Jessica Rayappan, human resources and marketing major, participated 
Tyler Taylor, educator at DIA, leading students
in a discussion of art using Visual Thinking Strategies
(Photo by: Julie Taylor)
in this teaching-and-learning experience during her evening course OB 403: Negotiation and Conflict Management. “It’s a unique experience where we are exercising creativity of our own,” said Rayappan, “It ties into what we are learning, and I can see how it can be applied to critical thinking tactics. This is fun.”

DIA Away: Think Like an Artist is a free, mobile interactive classroom for students and a creative exploration space for people of all ages. DIA Away is a fully furnished, vibrantly designed double-expandable trailer that provides a rich educational program. Inside, participants discover some of the ways artists think and then have the opportunity to apply creative thinking skills at digital and hands-on stations.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

UMD Faculty and Students join Henry Ford Elementary for a Night of Engineering Fun

DEARBORN, MI - Professors Jeffrey Bouwman and Patricia Hartshorn from the UMD College of Education, Health, and Human Services participated on the third annual Family Engineering Night at Henry Ford Elementary in Dearborn on February 16, 2016 to show young students the hands-on fun of engineering.

More than 100 professors and their students from University of Michigan-Dearborn and Dearborn's Magnet Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Middle School turned out to staff two dozen stations.

Professor Hartshorn said this was the third year she brought some of her college students to help at this event. About 36 college students helped out. “It’s so much fun for the kids,” she said. “The mission is to get families engineering."

For professor Bouwman this was his first experience in this event and took along his STEM2 class, to help on the station for building parachutes. 
Professor Jeffrey Bouwman (wearing UM cap) and his students during
Family Engineering Night at Henry Ford Elementary
The challenge for the K-5 children was to construct a parachute that will float an action figure down from a second floor balcony. The children enjoyed building their own parachute and at the same time, they learned science concepts such as gravity, weight and time.

Professor Bouwman commented about this experience: “Simply put, Family Engineering Night at Henry Ford Elementary was awesome!  It was a great night of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM.  My EXPS 400/500 students and I had a blast working with some great students. Thank you to Professor Hartshorn and Henry Ford Elementary!”

Other stations included creating a boat to see how many pennies it would hold before sinking; stacking erasers on heavy paper supported by two cups to see how many of them the paper could hold and making mini windmills to learn about weather monitoring.