Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kudos to SOE/CEHHS Students

Please join me in applauding the accomplishments of our terrific students. Here are a few highlights that have come to my attention:

Several students enrolled in EXPS 250 (Visual and Performing Arts in the Elementary Classroom) in Winter 2013 joined the Ann Arbor Concert Band during a "New Frontiers" program on March 10 at Hill Auditorium on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Participating SOE students Hawraa Al-Busaid-Jwad, Heather Anthony, Shaqueline Bowery, Chante McClaine, Trevor Stoltz, Alex Tedesco, and Samantha Villareal joined the band on percussion instruments for the premiere performance of "Flash Mob," composed by EXPS 250 instructor and Concert Band Director, Dr. James Nissen. A video of their performance is available here.

Truman Hudson, a doctoral student who recently defended his dissertation, received the Detroit Detroit Public School District's Impact Teacher Award for work related to his dissertation. In addition, he was also one of 50 men selected to receive a Black Male Engagement Leadership Award from the Knight Foundation for his Community Economic Development Club initiative. The Knight Foundation award includes a grant that will allow him to extend for another year his work with Cody-Rouge students and community members focused on making economics instruction relevant to students in low-income communities by linking to community redevelopment initiatives.

Emily Bianchi, Jacquelyn Kennedy, and Melissa McKinney – three students majoring in elementary education – transformed their work in EXPS 420 into a published article with the help of Dr. Charlotte Otto, Professor of Chemistry and Science Education. Their article, “Introducing Models in lessons on Solids and Liquids,” appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of the MSTA Journal. This journal is published biannually by the Michigan Science Teachers Association. Please join me in congratulating Emily, Jacquelyn and Melissa on their accomplishment and in thanking Professor Otto for her skillful mentorship!