Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SOE Faculty Fall 2012 Presentations at Professional Meetings

The scholarly work of University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Education faculty is once again well represented at Fall 2012 national professional meetings. Here is a summary of recent and upcoming conference presentations:

Bonnie Beyer, professor, presented a paper at the 66th Annual Conference of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration in August addressing traditional organizational theories and their relationship to more recent constructs and concepts and how these newer concepts relate to leadership and oversight creating a culture of social justice in schools and educational systems.

Stein Brunvand, Laura Reynolds-Keefer, and Gail Luera presented a paper at the American Evaluation Association conference in Minneapolis in October addressing the complexity of evaluator roles when conducting an evaluation in an uncertain program climate, such as in a program serving at-risk youth.

Dara Hill, assistant professor, will give two presentations at the Literacy Research Association Conference in San Diego, CA in November. Her first paper examines fourth grade students’ participation of varying participation discourses at a high achieving, high poverty urban primary school in Detroit. The second presentation addresses one pre-service teacher’s experiences in a reading methods course and practicum, in partnership with a Southeast Michigan urban school.

Seong Hong, associate professor & Rosalyn Saltz Collegiate Professor of Education, presented a paper at the Association for Constructivist Teaching conference in Johnson City, Tennessee in October on integrative knowledge portfolio process.

Dick Moyer, professor, is speaking twice on Everyday Engineering, the book and journal column that he co-edits with associate professor Susan Everett, at the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching annual meeting in November.

LaShorage Shaffer, instructor, presented at the Division for Early Childhood Conference in October on young children with special needs. At the same conference, along with Mary Trepanier-Street (professor emerita) and Tammy Morris (Center for Exceptional Families), she presented on educational and medical transdisciplinary teaming as an element in the preparation of early childhood teachers. In addition, she joined Sallee Beneke (assistant professor, St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA) and Hasan Zaghlawan (assistant professor, St. Thomas University, Minneapolis, MN) for a round table session to talk about topics related to the post Ph.D. job search process and becoming a junior faculty member at a college or university.

Julie Taylor, associate professor, will present a paper at the National Association for Multicultural Education conference in November about the issue of wearing headscarf (hijab) at schools in the United States. Dr. Taylor will present another paper in November at the Annual Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies focusing on teaching history with e-portfolios.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Youssef Mosallam Named 2012 SOE Alumnus of the Year

For more than 30 years, UM-Dearborn has honored outstanding alumni for their contributions to the University and community. These men and women are "difference makers" who have continued the University's legacy of leadership in their lives and careers. They are making a positive impact in their workplaces and communities, and serve as strong role models for a new generation of UM-Dearborn student leaders. Among the Alumni Difference Makers for 2012 is Youssef Mosallam, who was named School of Education Alumnus of the Year.

Youssef obtained his master’s degree in educational administration and his school principal certification at UM-Dearborn in 2005, and his work in a variety of education roles in the metropolitan area has made a positive difference in the lives of children and families in the region. Moreover, he has made a number of contributions specifically to the SOE through his ongoing engagement with our faculty and students.

Mr. Mosallam has a long and distinguished career with Dearborn Public Schools, having served in a variety of roles, including instructional technician working with at risk children. English teacher, history teacher, assistant football coach, Coordinator of Acceleration and Intervention, elementary school principal, and since 2010 as principal of Fordson High School, the district’s largest school.

Youssef has also given back to UM-Dearborn in many ways. He is a highly valued lecturer in our Master’s program, regularly teaching one or two courses each year. And as principal at Fordson High School he has also hired several UM-Dearborn graduates as teachers in his school. We deeply appreciate that as well and think that he has chosen wisely!

He initiated a collaboration between Dearborn Public Schools and UM-Dearborn’s SOE to assist teachers of core academic subjects in secondary school to work effectively with students whose native language is not English. That collaboration resulted in a major teacher professional development project that has been supported with a $1.2 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Alumni Association Award will be presented to Mr. Mosallam, and the corresponding award winners from other units on the UM-Dearborn campus, at a ceremony on October 12. The MC for the campus-wide ceremony will be Tracy Thompson, the School of Education Alumna of the Year for 2011. Please join me in congratulating Youssef Mosallam on his distinctive accomplishment and in thanking him for his dedication to the education profession.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alumni Celebrate SOE's 25th Anniversary

On Thursday, October 11, the UM-Dearborn School of Education Alumni Affiliate hosted a reception to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the formation of the School of Education on the campus.  The reception was held in the Michigan Room on the first floor of the Fairlane Center South Building.

About 65 members and friends of the current and past SOE community came together to celebrate this important milestone! Attendees ranged from a current freshman in the SOE to several emerita faculty and alumni from the recent and more distant past.  Brief remarks celebrating the history of the SOE were offered by Chancellor Daniel Little, SOE Dean Edward Silver, and SOE Professor Richard Moyer.  Other highlights were remarks by Donovan Rowe, Chair of the SOE Alumni Affiliate; Youssef Mosallam, 2012 SOE Alumnus of the Year; and Tracy Thompson, 2011 SOE Alumna of the Year.

A related story about the 25th anniversary of the SOE appeared in a recent issue of the UM-Dearborn Reporter. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kudos to SOE Students

Staci Ridgeway (Special Education) has been awarded a scholarship to help support her senior year studies by the University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women (CEW). The CEW Scholarship Program for returning women students was established in 1970 to honor the academic performance and potential of women whose education has been interrupted and to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the admission of women to the University of Michigan. Please join me in congratulating Staci on being selected for this honor from among a large number of worthy applicants!

Annelyse Bawol, Heather Hawrylak, and Aimee Gubbini – three recent SOE graduates in elementary education – transformed their science capstone project into a published article with the help of Charlotte Otto, Professor of Natural Science. Their article, “Third Graders’ Knowledge of Shadows,” appears in the Spring 2012 issue of the MSTA Journal. This journal is published biannually by the Michigan Science Teachers Association. Please join me in congratulating Annelyse, Heather and Aimee on their accomplishment and in thanking Professor Otto for her skillful mentorship!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sammar Nasser Named Director of Research Partnership

Dr. Sammar Nasser has agreed to join UM-Dearborn as Research Assistant Professor in the School of Education and director of the UM-Dearborn/Oakwood Healthcare Research Partnership.

Dr. Nasser is a graduate of Lincoln Park High School who received her Ph.D. in Physiology from the Wayne State University School of Medicine in 2011. She also holds a Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Wayne State University. She had 10 years experience working as a Physician Assistant in the Department of Internal Medicine at Wayne State, and she is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Research and Leadership in the School of Medicine and Health Science at George Washington University in Washington, DC. She has led or been part of the research team on about a dozen funded research projects, and she has more than two dozen publications in peer-reviewed journals or books.

She will direct the new research partnership that is built upon the current collaboration among the Oakwood Center for Exceptional Families (CEF), the University of Michigan-Dearborn Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC), and the University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Education. The current collaboration supports early childhood educators and healthcare professionals -- who bring different professional knowledge, training and backgrounds -- to work in concert to assist the development of children with and without disabilities and to model best practices for teachers and healthcare providers. The new research partnership will promote transdisciplinary research that can enrich significantly the knowledge and evidence base in relevant fields, and bring important new perspectives to the intersection of education and healthcare. Under the auspices of the Institute, education and healthcare students and professionals, and students and professionals from other related disciplines, can participate in research activities.

Dr. Nasser's appointment at UM-Dearborn will commence in January 2013. Please join me in welcoming her to campus and in supporting her as she takes on this important new work.